While there aren’t a lot of details, Rogers Cable will be launching its own Web portal to serve up TV shows and movies to its customers in November.

“It will be an online extension of our on-demand product,” said Dermott O’Carroll, Roger’s senior vice president of network engineering and operations. “It will be delivered by IP so it can be picked up on any Internet-capable device.”

AT&T recently joined the ranks of video providers that are offering TV shows and movies online. The telco has started a soft launch of “AT&T Entertainment,” which features content that is free to anyone who accesses the site, as well as additional content for its own subscribers.

Last week, Verizon and Time Warner Cable announced they were taking part in Time Warner’s TV Everywhere project, while DirecTV is reportedly interested in doing its own version, as well. Comcast finished up its trial with Time Warner, which it calls On Demand Online, last month and could be adding to the 5,000 trial participants.

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