In an effort to encourage the development of TV applications and services, OpenTV said it will open its TV measurement platform later this year by publishing the format of key data points.

OpenTV said this open access would allow the developer community, data analysis partners and other service providers the ability to more easily integrate with its measurement platform. By opening up its software, OpenTV also said it wanted to foster the creation of next-generation set-top box services with better personalization features, including addressable and interactive advertising and content addressability.

OpenTV also announced the creation of an Analysis Partner Program, which will offer operators a platform for accurately measuring viewer behavior on the set-top box with minimal change to existing infrastructure. Initial participants in this program include AdsVantage, Nielsen, Rentrak Corp. and TNS.

In combining OpenTV’s middleware expertise with the data analysis capabilities of experts in the field, OpenTV said it was helping operators to drive new and higher advertising revenues, monitor quality of service issues, better manage their channel lineups and subscription tiering, as well as measure usage of service offerings such as PVR, VOD or interactive applications – all while respecting viewer privacy.

“By opening up our platform and extending it to third-party solutions, we are taking a major step toward enriching the television experience and creating a uniform approach to measurement,” said Tracy Geist, senior vice president of business development at OpenTV. “We’re not only enabling service providers to capture relevant information – especially on viewing behavior and PVR interactions – and giving them access to crucial reporting and analysis capabilities, but we’re enabling the developer community to create exciting new applications for next-generation television, to make it more personalized and meaningful.”

OpenTV also announced it will be showcasing an external PVR storage solution in collaboration with Seagate Technology at the IBC show in Amsterdam this week.

The joint offering pairs OpenTV’s PVR technology with Seagate’s Showcase storage expander, which OpenTV recommends as a preferred external storage device. The demonstration will show how external storage not only allows PVR viewers to significantly expand their program recording capacity – often limited to only 20 hours of HD content – but also how it enables operators to provide their subscribers with the option to remotely activate PVR functionality on their non-PVR-equipped set-top box.

“Both OpenTV and Seagate have been working closely to bring best-of-breed PVR technologies to the market,” said Joel Zdepski, senior vice president and general manager of middleware at OpenTV. “External storage is an important part of an operator’s offering as they seek to enhance their services, and we’re confident that, in collaborating with Seagate on this solution, we’re recommending the most stable and reliable external storage to our customers. Seagate’s drives work seamlessly with PVR functionality and are the perfect complement to our robust middleware technology.”

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