Hillcrest Labs now has available two new products developers can use to create applications and products that incorporate in-air pointing and motion control technology.

Cable executives are apparently intrigued by the possibilities of gestural navigation and control, judging by their enthusiasm for a similar technology being developed by Prime Sense (see “Abracadabra at Keystone”).

Freespace motion control, from Hillcrest’s Freespace division, can be used to introduce gestural control to transform a wide variety of devices, including TV remote controls and user interfaces, video game systems, wireless presenters, smartphones, medical diagnostic devices, wearable computers, virtual reality systems, interactive toys, fitness devices and more.

The two new Freespace products introduced today are the libfreespace open source library and the Freespace Reference Kit Version 3.1. Together, they provide all the hardware and software engineers need to incorporate motion control, Hillcrest said.

The technology is used by ZillionTV, which today announced it is going to expand from working only with CSPs to offer its services directly to consumers.

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