Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering announced the release of an optical analyzer designed for R&D and manufacturing applications.

The PSO-200 Optical Modulation Analyzer enables complete characterization of amplitude- or phase-modulated signals at speeds up to 100 Gbaud, the company said.

The PSO-200 enables the characterization of any optical signal with minimal distortion. Handling baud rates up to 100 Gbaud means that signals could be analyzed at up to 400 Gbps when using a four-symbol modulation format such as DP-QPSK, Exfo explained. Detailed and accurate amplitude and phase patterns can also be obtained to offer pulse-shape analysis for transmitter optimization and troubleshooting.

"Network equipment manufacturers and network service providers are all looking at innovative ways to address the new and evolving challenges of very-high-speed, next-generation networks," said Etienne Gagnon, Exfo's vice president of product development and marketing. "With the introduction of the PSO-200, Exfo once again offers an innovative test solution to its customers, further expanding on its already extensive end-to-end 100G portfolio, and making it possible to test high-speed systems based on advanced data modulation schemes – from early system development to field deployment."

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