Concurrent is jumping on the TV Everywhere concept, announcing the ability of its products to deliver what the company is describing simply as video to the PC.

Concurrent customers can use their current systems, the company said, to deliver commercial-grade video through high-speed Internet connections to online viewers.

While Concurrent has focused on delivering content on an on-demand basis, the company said its MediaHawk system is capable of delivering live broadcast video to the PC, leveraging software capabilities already inherent in the system, without the need for subscribers to purchase additional hardware.

“Broadband operators are well-positioned to offer and monetize high-quality video online because they already have the infrastructure necessary for commercial-grade content aggregation and delivery,” said David King, Concurrent’s chief marketing and strategy officer. “By partnering with Concurrent, operators can use the platform that has successfully enabled on-demand television to enable video to the PC. This will open up a powerful second screen for video through which the operators can create new commercial models that drive both subscription and advertising revenue.”

Separately, ZON TV Cabo (ZON) will deploy Concurrent’s media data management solutions and operational reporting services, the vendor said.

Concurrent will provide ZON with a software as a service (SaaS) solution for monitoring video usage, census-level media data management and operational analytics, all components of its Media Data and Advertising Solutions (MDAS).

A subsidiary of ZON Multimedia, ZON provides cable television, broadband Internet and telephony services to more than 1.5 million customers in Portugal.

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