Ciena announced a new line of switching systems that can be variably configured to create a number of different network elements, including a scalable optical cross-connect, a feature-rich Carrier Ethernet switch, or a fully converged packet-optical transport and switching system.

Separately, the company introduced what it called a “comprehensive enhancement” of its core optical switch. The CoreDirector FS Multiservice Optical Switch delivers substantial new hardware and software features, including data, control and management plane extensions.

Both the introduction of the new 5400 family of switching systems and the upgrade of the CoreDirector are designed to help carriers migrate from SONET/SDH architectures to Ethernet/OTN-based networks.

Ciena’s new 5400 series of reconfigurable, multi-terabit Ethernet, OTN and TDM switching systems leverages common service-aware operating software (Ciena OneOS) to enable automated service delivery, dynamic mesh restoration and massive scale. It also provides the ability to operate across network layers to increase the velocity of service creation, reduce network ownership cost and improve network resiliency, the company claimed.

It accomplishes those goals, Ciena said, by virtue of its modular approach. The 5400 family reduces upfront capital costs and protects network investments over time by enabling service providers to pay only for what they need, when and where they need it in their network – across geographies, market segments, or even different parts of one network, the company explained.

The 5400 family integrates configurable components of the control plane of CoreDirector, the OTN and FlexiPort technology of the CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services platform, and the true Carrier Ethernet functionality of Ciena’s Carrier Ethernet Services Delivery (CESD) portfolio.

The 5400 family of reconfigurable switching systems is interoperable with Ciena’s new CoreDirector FS and the installed base of its CoreDirector, CN 4200 and CESD products.

The first products in the 5400 family will include the 5430 Reconfigurable Switching System and the 5410 Reconfigurable Switching System. The first release of the 5430 is a 44 RU, 30-slot system with 3.6 Tbps of capacity, while the 5410 is a 22 RU, 10-slot system with 1.2 Tbps of capacity. Both platforms are designed to scale beyond the initial capacities, up to 7.2 Tbps, as market demand evolves. All members of the 5400 family will share modules and software so customers can optimize each switch for the application, bandwidth, space, power and cost requirements of specific locations in their network.

Initial 5400 Reconfigurable Switching Systems will be in lab trials with customers later this year, with general availability in the first half of 2010. Additional enhancements and platforms are expected to be available later in 2010.

Ciena’s new CoreDirector products were originally designed to automate the core of SONET/SDH networks via intelligent software-based automation and control plane- managed resiliency. The enhanced CoreDirector FS retains those same capabilities, while consolidating SONET/SDH, OTN and Ethernet functionality in a single, high-capacity, multi-service optical switch, thereby giving customers a simplified network architecture approach, reduced operational costs and a flexible option to help migrate their network architectures from SONET/SDH to Ethernet and OTN to alleviate the strain of increased bandwidth demand from high-speed optical private line and packet services.

CoreDirector FS adds key new hardware modules and software features to the platform, including transparent service delivery with OTN switching; scalability up to 1,000 nodes in a single control plane domain; full C-band-tunable, pluggable ULH DWDM interfaces; new FlexSelect Line Modules with programmable ports; and tighter integration with the CN 4200 FlexSelect Advanced Services platform.

With the introduction of OTN networking on CoreDirector FS, Ciena has extended the service flexibility and wavelength efficiency of CN 4200 beyond the metro and now across an automated and efficient regional, national or global mesh core to maximize the profitability of optical services, the company said.

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