Bresnan Communications plans to deploy the DOCSIS 3.0 C4 CMTS from Arris to provide high-speed data, hosted VoIP and commercial services in four of its northwestern U.S. markets.

"We are deploying a next-generation CMTS platform that is capable of supporting DOCSIS 3.0 to deliver the best possible quality of experience to our customers," said Pragash Pillai, Bresnan’s vice president of engineering and technology.

"The Arris C4 CMTS platform provides us with the density, availability and service throughput speeds required to meet customer demand. Additionally, with its integrated architectural approach and ability to scale, it offers a reliable and compelling cost per set of features."

Bresnan has been doing business with Arris for at least a few years. The MSO bought EMTAs from Arris way back in 2005, but this is apparently its first purchase of headend equipment from the vendor.

"We are delighted to add Bresnan as a new customer to our C4 CMTS platform," said Arris senior vice president of sales Dan Whalen. "For customers wishing to offer very high-speed data service and reliable voice, as well as offering local businesses a cost-effective communications platform, the C4 has proven itself a highly capable and multi-faceted performer."

The four markets being served by Arris equipment are Kalispell and Helena, Mont., and Gillette and Casper, Wyo.

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