Amdocs said it is offering a customer management system designed specifically for the retail environment, which the company expects to become more important as service providers increasingly engage in selling smart devices and complex bundled offerings in kiosks and storefronts.

The new element the suite of products is centered on is the Amdocs Retail Interaction Manager, which helps store representatives handle sales and service interactions more efficiently and effectively via an intuitive, mobile and process-driven user interface.

The Amdocs Retail Experience solution is a packaged set of products and services that manage customer interactions in service providers' retail stores, and it integrates with both Amdocs and third-party systems involved in store interactions, including CRM (customer relationship management), ordering, billing, service activation, point of sale and ERP (enterprise resource planning).

At the core is software that sits on a desktop or a mobile device, like a handheld tablet PC that store personnel can carry with them as they walk around. The device can be used to show a customer a product or to look up order information or answer support questions. Store personnel could also use it to look up information about an existing customer’s usage habits.

In a survey of more than 4,000 wireless consumers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, more than 60 percent said the reason they visited a store was to purchase a new handset or upgrade an existing device. Yet one in four who visited the store left without making a purchase.

"Now, more than ever, there is competition for every customer. A poor experience at the retail level can easily send a customer heading for the nearest exit," said Seth Nesbitt, vice president of products marketing for Amdocs. "Amdocs Retail Experience solution enables service providers to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their store reps. Reps spend less time on learning systems and chasing data that resides at the call center and more time working with customers to understand their needs and resolve their issues for a more powerful and consistent customer experience."

Amdocs isn’t announcing any customers for the product but is in discussions with carriers about doing market trials. The first release of Amdocs’ product will be focused on company-owned stores as opposed to distributors.

– Wireless Week’s Monica Alleven contributed to this report.

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