Arris, This Technology, OpenTV and Sigma Systems are demonstrating a new inventory management platform at this week’s CableLabs Summer Conference that they claim is the first of its kind.

The combined platform helps cable operators get a handle on the amount of advanced advertising inventory they have available. While Canoe Ventures wasn’t mentioned by name, the platform sounds as though it would be able to provide the scale and functionality that the nation’s top-six cable operators are looking for through their investment in Canoe Ventures.

“The management of advertising inventory is a vital component to an operator’s advanced advertising infrastructure,” said Paul Woidke, OpenTV’s senior vice president and general manager of advanced advertising. “By jointly demonstrating our campaign management technologies with Sigma Systems, This Technology and Arris, we’re showing operators how they can aggregate information and ensure the correct message will be delivered to the right audience, a crucial component to the success of an advertising campaign.”

Woidke is also the chairman of the Digital Program Insertion, or Working Group 5, which is part of the SCTE’s Digital Video Subcommittee.

The demonstration features OpenTV’s campaign management offering collecting detailed audience information from Sigma Systems’ Subscriber Information Service (SIS) for audience qualification as part of the sales process.

This Technology’s MetaMore and SpotBuilder Content Information Service (CIS) and Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS) add contextual information such as time, region or content to create an accurate view of inventory available for sale. Next, Arris’ Ad Decision Manager (ADM) conducts the physical ad placement requests for the delivery, management and reporting of the relevant advertising assets and the programming materials to the subscriber household.

The companies said the end result is a better understanding of the potential number of advanced advertising spots that can be viewed, enabling operators to more accurately and effectively price and sell available inventory.

The CableLabs Summer Conference started yesterday in the resort town of Keystone, Colo., and is scheduled to run through Wednesday.

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