Suddenlink has upgraded its advertising insertion system with the installation of OpenTV’s campaign management system.

OpenTV said Suddenlink is using its EclipsePlus to manage all of its local ad sales operations for the operator’s central and western U.S. ad sales divisions.

OpenTV EclipsePlus can handle thousands of local and interconnect networks, schedule complicated channel environments and run multiple DMAs within a single database, thereby reducing manual workload and time spent running verification and billing reports on spot buys, OpenTV explained. OpenTV EclipsePlus also features a dynamic scheduler that continuously analyzes current and upcoming schedules in order to optimize yields.

Kevin Stephens, Suddenlink’s senior vice president of commercial and advertising operations, said, “Our decision to upgrade our ad insertion platform was a major undertaking, which required a solution that is capable, scalable and reputable, and OpenTV delivered with great technology and great service, making this the best technology transition we’ve had.”

Stephens added: “With our more than 2,700 channels of insertion, we needed a system that could manage a significant number of channels, and EclipsePlus was the solution of choice. We are now well-prepared to support our growing ad sales operations with a solution that has already demonstrated many advantages.”

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