Preliminary shipment figures suggest that the North American markets for CMTS and DSL equipment are turning around. But that’s the silver lining in the cloud; declines in other geographical areas have led to a drop in total shipments.

So despite the growing strength in North America, global CMTS shipments in Q2 were down 6 percent compared with the immediately previous Q1. Compared with last year, they were down 39 percent, according to Ovum, which compiled the statistics.

As for DSLAM shipments, they were up 10 percent from the previous quarter, though compared with last year, Q2 ’09 DSLAM shipments were off by 19 percent.

“Continuing demand for downstream capacity contributed to strong growth in downstream CMTS port shipments in North America. We estimate that for the first time ever, more than half of ports shipped were downstream ports,” said Ovum analyst Kamalini Ganguly. “Arris topped the CMTS market in volume for the first time.”

Cisco dropped to 50 percent, rolling Q4 market share in terms of ports shipped, Ovum reported, followed by Arris, whose share jumped to 35 percent, and Motorola, whose share grew to 13 percent.

On the DSL/IPTV side, the top vendors, in order, were Alcatel-Lucent (with a 32 percent share), Huawei (28 percent), ZTE (16 percent), Nokia Siemens Networks (5 percent), Ericsson (5 percent) and UTStarcom (3 percent).

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