Cox Communications has inked an agreement with Qualcomm to use Qualcomm’s Brew technology in its wireless service.

Cox is working on launching its own 3G wireless network sometime this year. Once the service becomes available, Cox’s wireless subscribers with Brew-enabled handsets will be able to download a variety of applications from categories such as games, tools, lifestyle, location, messaging and ringtones.

Qualcomm will host the Brew service for Cox, allowing Cox to offer its customers a mobile application shopping experience.

"The overall customer experience is a key factor in choosing operating systems to support our wireless service," said Dane Dickie, executive director of product operations at Cox. "Qualcomm's Brew will enable our customers to enjoy a personalized experience with our wireless service."

Qualcomm launched Brew in 2001, and since then more than 60 operators offer Brew services.

Verizon Wireless has been the biggest U.S. carrier to deploy Brew. Back in July, the carrier announced an agreement with Qualcomm to promote the platform, rolling out new features, including a recommendation engine powered through Qualcomm subsidiary Xiam Technologies.

– Wireless Week’s Monica Alleven contributed to this report.

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