Even though Qwest Communications is beginning to buy itself more than enough bandwidth to provide IPTV, it’s not going to. That makes its reseller agreement with DirecTV critical, and so the two have signed a five-year extension to their strategic partnership.

Financial terms of the arrangement were not disclosed.

Qwest began reselling DirecTV video services in October 2004. Qwest promised streamlined customer support and the development of integrated products and services in partnership with DirecTV.

Qwest announced the first such integrated services. They include remote access to DVRs and what Qwest is calling “Integrated Calling.” Currently in beta, Qwest said the new service allows customers to play voicemail messages, see incoming Qwest-branded Caller ID alerts, keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, and even return calls with the touch of a button from their DirecTV remotes. 

Qwest said it will provide customer service, installation and billing inquiries, while DirecTV will install equipment and provide technical support.

Qwest introduced a 40 Mbps data tier yesterday.

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