Comcast has added its free Universal Caller ID service to its triple-play customers in Colorado and two communities in Massachusetts.

Comcast first launched Caller ID on TV last year, but its Universal Caller ID service now includes Caller ID on PC, as well. The Caller ID services allow customers to view incoming calls on their TVs and PCs and then decide whether they wish to take the calls or choose “exit.”

Universal Caller ID 

Comcast's Universal Caller ID service now includes Caller ID on PC, too

The Universal Caller ID feature displays the caller's name and phone number on a pop-up banner on the TV or computer screen. The Universal Caller ID to the TV feature will activate automatically, so incoming caller information will appear on customers' televisions as the service becomes available to their home. Comcast subscribers can download the PC Caller ID service from the company’s Web site.

If customers don’t want to be bothered with incoming calls during a show or movie, they can turn the feature off or set it to snooze.

Comcast has been rolling out its Universal Caller ID service on a market-by-market basis. The service also became available yesterday in Wilmington and Tewksbury, Mass. A spokesman for Comcast said the technology is currently available to more than 10 million homes with more announcements forthcoming.

Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Cablevision have also rolled out Caller ID on TV applications.

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