The Comcast Media Center has racked up more than 260 cable operators for its Hits Quantum SD service that allows operators to reclaim analog bandwidth in order to offer more HD and VOD choices, as well as other advanced services.

The Hits Quantum 256-QAM SD service features nearly 70 feeds of commonly viewed cable programming using advanced compression technology to deliver 12 to 15 digital channels for each 6 MHz of capacity.

The CMC said Hits services affiliates can take advantage of recently announced bundled pricing options. Packaged pricing for launching HD channels available via Hits Quantum and the VOD In a Box service from Hits and Arris represents a 30 percent savings over purchasing the services individually and reduces expenses by more than 50 cents per digital customer per month. 

Hits has also developed 2010 budgeting tools for use in forecasting capital expenses and operating cash flow growth that can be achieved by using the Hits solutions. The budgeting worksheets complement business-modeling tools that Hits affiliates may use for planning their digital migration and VOD launch strategies.

“Cable systems serving smaller markets want a sequential approach toward all-digital that doesn’t require a forklift upgrade and allows them to meet ongoing operational requirements and technology refreshes via a shared resources solution,” said Gary Traver, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Comcast Media Center. “This approach is equally important when it comes to supporting their deployment and delivery of advanced video services, by providing cost-effective solutions for offering HD, VOD and iTV that leverage common architecture in order to achieve a near-term cash positive value while enhancing their competitive position.”

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