Verizon has pushed up the speedometer on all of its FiOS data speeds and has added an additional tier, as well, as it attempts to combat the DOCSIS 3.0 offerings from cable operators.

Verizon’s fastest downstream speed is 50 Mbps, which cable operators such as Comcast, Cablevision and Cox have either matched or surpassed with their DOCSIS 3.0 wideband offerings, but the company has added a new 35 Mbps speed. The new tier has the same 20 Mbps upload speed as the 50 Mbps and 20 Mbps tiers, but it is only available when bundled with Verizon’s phone or TV service.

Verizon has increased the connection speed of its entry-level FiOS Internet service from 10/2 Mbps on the downstream and upstream to 15/5 Mbps, and the telco has raised the connection speed of its flagship, mid-tier offering from 20/5 Mbps to 25/15 Mbps.

Verizon’s entry-level tier costs $45 per month when bundled with phone service, and $50 standalone, while the 25/15 Mbps service costs $65 bundled and $70 standalone.

In  the New York City metropolitan area, where Verizon competes with Time Warner Cable and Cablevision, FiOS Internet has a minimum speed of 25/15 Mbps, and the new mid-tier offering is 35/20 Mbps, but both are only available in bundles.

In order to lure customers from cable operators, Verizon is offering free Compaq Mini notebooks or Flip Ultra camcorders to qualified customers.

New customers who sign up for a triple-play bundle that consists of FiOS Internet with a connection speed of 25/15 Mbps or higher, FiOS TV Extreme HD service and FiOS Essentials voice service will receive their choice of a free Compaq Mini netbook, which is valued at $299.99, or a free Flip Ultra camcorder, valued at $149.99.

New customers who order a triple-play bundle that consists of FiOS Internet with a connection speed of 15/5 Mbps or higher, FiOS TV Essentials service and Freedom Essentials voice service will receive a free Flip Ultra camcorder, or they can opt to purchase a Compaq Mini netbook for $99.99.

Verizon also announced on Monday the continuation of its price guarantee for standalone, DSL-based high-speed Internet, and a similar camcorder and netbook incentive offer for customers.

Verizon Business announced today that it’s now offering its Web Center service, which is a cloud-based customer contact platform, as a voice-only package for businesses that don’t want to pay for bells and whistles that they don’t need.

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