System-on-a-chip provider Sigma Designs announced strategic partnerships with original design manufacturers (ODMs) Alpha Networks Inc., GigaFast and Gemtek.

As a result of these partnerships, Sigma said each ODM will offer a coax to Ethernet bridge product at a lower cost for consumer electronics manufacturers that are looking to make home network installation easier and more affordable for their customers.

Each ODM will offer CoAir Ethernet to Coax Bridge Adapters based on Sigma Designs’ CoAir chipset. Developed for the home market, Sigma said each adapter requires no new cables to extend the reach of the home network, using the existing coax cables found in more than 90 percent of homes in the United States.

The platform gives consumer electronics manufacturers the ability to design a home network that does not interfere with microwave oven signals, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile phones or other home appliances.

Sigma Designs said its CoAir co-exists with other broadband and narrowband cable RF transmission technologies such as DOCSIS, cable TV, DVB-T, ATSC and satellite L-Band Tuners, without any interference.

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