Measurement and research company Rentrak announced yesterday that Bill Livek was named as its new CEO and director of the company.

Livek has already taken over the day-to-day management of Rentrak. Paul Rosenbaum will continue to serve as chairman of Rentrak’s board of directors, having previously served in the role of both chairman and CEO since September of 2000.

“After personally leading an extensive four-month search on behalf of the board of directors, I am truly delighted that Bill Livek has joined Rentrak as our new CEO. I am confident that we have in Bill the ideal strategic and operational expertise on board to ensure continued growth opportunities for the company that will evolve Rentrak into a multi-screen measurement and research powerhouse,” Rosenbaum said.

Most recently, Livek served in a number of roles at Experian, including co-president of Experian Research Services, where he collaborated with customers to design and launch Experian’s Addressable Advertising Service, as well as helping to expand the company’s presence in China and Brazil.

Previously, Livek was the co-chair and director of Simmons Market Research Bureau, where he directed the growth and evolution of the company into a media-neutral, consumer-centric research and data business widely utilized by brands, advertising agencies and media organizations. During his tenure at Simmons Market Research Bureau, Livek arranged the sale of the company to Experian. 

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