Qwest is reported to be on the verge of introducing a commercial 40 Mbps broadband service using VDSL2 technology.

Qwest has made no such announcement, but DSL Reports says it confirmed the information with unidentified sources within Qwest (story here).

In April, Telephony quoted Qwest COO Tom Richards saying Qwest was testing VDSL2: “We are actually starting to do some trials on taking our 20-[megabit-per-second] FTTN product to a fairly significant higher speed.” (Story here.)

Qwest’s current fastest broadband tier is 20 Mbps (896 kbps on the upstream) using ADSL2+. With VDSL2, Qwest plans to offer up to 40 Mbps downstream (20 Mbps upstream).

VDSL2 is expected to provide practical speeds of up to 100 Mbps. With VDSL2, as with all DSL technology, data rates are highly dependent on loop lengths. The expectation is that Qwest will have to engage in a plant upgrade to shorten its loop lengths, similar to what AT&T is doing as it rolls out U-verse. Coincidentally, AT&T has also experimented with VDSL2.

If Qwest can approach 100 Mbps with its implementation of VDSL2, that could open the option to eventually provide an IPTV service, possibly similar to U-verse. Currently, Qwest provides video through a partnership with DirecTV.

Qwest has already set pricing, according to DSL Reports. A 12 Mbps/5 Mbps tier would be for $51.99 per month, while the Ultimate tier at 40 Mbps/20 Mbps would be $109.99 per month. Areas in Qwest’s home market – Denver – are to get the service first.

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