Optimum Lightpath, a division of Cablevision, is serving up what it says is the first high-definition voice service to medium- and large-size businesses in its New York metropolitan footprint.

The service, which is available this month, features advanced hosted voice and Cisco IP phones over Optimum Lightpath’s Ethernet-based fiber-optic network. Optimum Lightpath said that HD voice uses less bandwidth than the standard G711 voice offering, which improves IP transits and enables more bandwidth.

The end result is greater efficiencies across all voice, data, Internet and video services running across Optimum Lightpath’s network.

The service is available to New York metropolitan-area businesses as part of Optimum Lightpath’s Hosted Voice service, which is a customer-hosted voice and Internet offering delivered over a single connection. 

“HD voice demonstrates our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of our services for smart businesses,” said John Macario, senior vice president of product strategy and management. “Understanding how smart technologies work together helps ensure the highest quality of service, a central focus of Optimum Lightpath and key enabler of the smart community of businesses.”

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