Optimum Lightpath is crowing about displacing several other providers, including Verizon and AT&T, at an SMB account in The Bronx.

Optimum Lightpath won the business of Morningside House, a subsidiary of Aging in America, with a pitch that combined cost savings and superior service – simply having a human available to respond to customer inquiries.

By consolidating its telecommunications services with Optimum Lightpath, Morningside House saves nearly $28,000 per year by utilizing the company's voice, data and Internet services, Optimum Lightpath said.

Morningside House replaced its T1s and 1.5 Mbps Internet access provided by five different telecommunications carriers with Optimum Lightpath’s 50 Mbps metro Ethernet service and 20 Mbps Internet and voice service.

“Before deploying Optimum Lightpath’s service, we had serious concerns about reliability, customer service, billing and price across our five selected providers. Our monthly communications costs were shocking, and still we experienced consistent outages where each service provider would blame the other, keeping me on the phone for hours at a time,” said John Mastronardi, assistant administrator for Aging in America. “When we brought in Optimum Lightpath, we increased data and Internet performance by as much as 50 percent, for $2,300 less per month – it was phenomenal. Our customer satisfaction really went through the roof. With Optimum Lightpath, I get a live person on the phone, and any issues are resolved in minutes.”

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