Juniper Networks introduced a series of new applications and services to its Intelligent Services Edge portfolio designed to help ease the migration toward converged services for its customers.

The new features aim to integrate various service delivery and performance assurance functions directly within customers’ routing platforms and IP network infrastructure.

Juniper’s Integrated Multiservice Gateway (IMSG) integrates standards-based session border control (SBC) signaling and media gateway functions with routing and security features that include intrusion prevention software, IPsec and firewall services.

By integrating these features into a cohesive service chain that runs on Juniper’s Multiservices cards for the M and MX Series, Juniper customers will be able to avoid the costs and complexities associated with deploying multiple service-specific appliances to perform each of these functions, the company said.

Juniper estimates that by eliminating or reducing the need to deploy standalone appliances such as session border controllers, the IMSG solution can reduce power consumption by 30 percent or more.

Also, for enterprises, government organizations and service providers that have an installed base of legacy voice infrastructure and time-division multiplexed (TDM) circuit-based networking equipment, Juniper is delivering hardware and software features for the CTP Series (for Circuit-to-Packet), BX Series Multi-Access Gateways, and M Series Multiservice Edge Routers that can ease the transition to next-generation IP infrastructure, while making maximum use of prior product investments.

The BX Series and Circuit Emulation Physical Interface Cards (PICs) for the M Series provide reliable transport of TDM and voice traffic over an IP/MPLS network. New voice modules and software updates for the CTP Series provide analog voice, voice compression and echo cancellation support, which enable customers to reliably transport analog voice, serial data and TDM-based services over an IP/MPLS network.

Together, these enhancements facilitate the transport of voice, radio, legacy data and many other types of traffic over a single, converged IP/MPLS infrastructure – this enables service providers, government agencies and enterprises to realize the cost and operational benefits of a next-generation IP infrastructure, while leveraging investments in existing legacy voice and circuit-based networking equipment, Juniper said.

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