Despite delays scheduling his confirmation hearing, Julius Genachowski appears to be a shoo-in as the next chairman of the FCC.

The nominee backed President Barack Obama’s broadband stimulus package, saying the $7 billion of stimulus money appropriated thus far should be used to extend broadband Internet service to consumers who currently lack access.

Genachowski also said he does not intend to revive the Fairness Doctrine, according to testimony reported in several places. 

There were complaints about Genachowski’s predecessor, Kevin Martin, from many quarters. During Genachowski’s nomination hearing, Sen. John D. Rockefeller said told him to, “Fix this agency, and prove to us that the FCC is not battered beyond repair. Show us the FCC can put consumers first and give them confidence that when they interact with the agency they can get a fair response.”

Genachowski could be confirmed as early as today.

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