Corning Cable Systems’ FutureCom S500 shielded copper RJ45 module has received Cat-6A component certification. The modules would be used in 10G Ethernet networks.

Two new amendments to the standard in question, ISO/IEC 11801:2002, set more demanding requirements for immunity to crosstalk and other problems, and Corning’s RJ45 module has been found to comply with them. 

Specifically, the requirements address NEXT (near-end crosstalk), ACR-F and ACR-N (alien crosstalk, far- and near-end), particularly in the upper frequency range of 500 MHz, compared with TIA-EIA-568-B.2-10 specifications. The additional margin achieved provides flexibility in critical environments and higher network integrity.

The FutureCom S500 module is part of the new FutureCom EA system, the latest addition to Corning's 10Gbps Ethernet copper cabling systems family. The system provides a universal cabling solution for the use of Ethernet, VoIP, telephone, TV and other services. It also supports Power over Ethernet and Power over Ethernet Plus.

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