As previously announced, Comcast has begun private-labeling Clearwire’s Clear mobile WiMAX service, becoming the first large cable operator to offer a 4G wireless service.

Clearwire investors Comcast and Time Warner Cable long ago stated outright their intention to resell Clear. Clearwire confirmed Comcast would resell mobile WiMAX in Clearwire’s first mobile WiMAX market – Portland, Ore. – in March (story here).


Comcast is calling the service Comcast High-Speed 2go. The MSO said this is the beginning of a national rollout, which will next deploy in Atlanta – where Clearwire recently commercialized the service – followed by Chicago and Philadelphia.

Comcast is bundling High-Speed 2go in two packages: metro and nationwide. The metro package offers standard cable modem home service at 12 Mbps (up to 15 Mbps with Powerboost). Connectivity through the Clear 4G network is 4 Mbps, and lower through Clearwire parent Sprint’s 3G network. The introductory price is $49.99 per month for one year, after which the price jumps to $72.95.

The nationwide package is $69.99 per month, rising to $92.95 per month after a year. The package adds nationwide 3G mobile network access through the Sprint network.

Comcast is also selling High-Speed 2go to small- and mid-size businesses through Comcast Business Services sales teams.

Separately, TWC has said it will begin offering mobile WiMAX in at least one market by the end of the year, though it has not yet designated the market (story here).

“With Comcast’s wideband Internet, we already offer one of the fastest wired connections available today. Now with the launch of High-Speed 2go, we also deliver the nation’s fastest wireless Internet,” said Cathy Avgiris, senior vice president and general manager for wireless and voice services at Comcast.

Other cities where Clearwire has plans to roll out Clear include Las Vegas, Charlotte, N.C., Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Honolulu and Seattle.

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