Broadstripe has become one of the first service providers to deploy Aurora Networks’ Gigabit Ethernet PON system, including the vendor’s new Virtual Hub technology, along with its Smart Media Converter products.

“For Broadstripe’s commercial services offering, we set out to serve a combination of T1, high-speed and dial-up customers, including Brooks Industrial Park in Marshall, Mich., an established business park that was previously receiving its business service from a competing provider,” said Dave Harwood, regional vice president and general manager of Broadstripe.

“With Aurora Networks’ GEPON solutions, we are the only provider able to offer 10- to 100 Mbps of dedicated fiber services to each of Brooks Industrial Park’s current customers,” Harwood said.

The Aurora Networks GEPON implementation includes the installation of a VHub equipped with Node PON technology on Broadstripe’s existing fiber infrastructure from its main headend to Brooks Industrial Park, approximately 40 miles. New fiber was laid to the street-side curb of each business, with a Smart Media Converter installed directly in the premises to connect business subscribers to Broadstripe’s core network.

Vendors across the board, including Aurora, are beginning to report increasing customer activity focused on business customers.

Anecdotal evidence so far is that it is relatively easy to take business away from incumbent providers by offering superior services, despite many incumbents being versed in optical technology. Verizon, in particular, is an early adopter of GPON.

John Dahlquist, vice president of marketing for Aurora, noted that Verizon, in particular, is focusing its GPON efforts on residential service – FiOS. “They’re under a microscope every quarter. They have to focus on that rather than on losing a little bit of business services.”  

Dahlquist added that Aurora is focused on solutions specifically for the cable industry. “With a sole focus on the cable industry, Aurora Networks devotes 100 percent of its resources to making better quality transport solutions for its customers. We value the services that Broadstripe delivers and are proud to be a part of this successful business services implementation.”

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