Sling Media is nothing if not dogged. The company has finally brought its place-shifting SlingPlayer technology to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The $30 app has been available for RIM’s Blackberry, as well as Nokia and Windows Mobile phones. Announced in January, the app allows Slingbox owners to shift their video to their mobile handsets through a 3G data connection.

The exception is for iPhone customers; they can watch video on their iPhones, but only through a Wi-Fi connection.

AT&T, the only U.S. carrier supporting the iPhone, will not support Sling capabilities on its 3G network. Sling managed to get around AT&T’s restrictions by making its SlingPlayer app for the iPhone functional through a Wi-Fi connection.

AT&T insisted that the 3G capability of the iPhone SlingPlayer be disabled, reportedly due to concerns about not having enough bandwidth in its wireless network to satisfy demand. The company spelled out its specific objections for Engadget (story here).

AT&T also has its own mobile video service.

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