Sigma Systems has released its Active Mediation Platform (AMP), which allows service providers to collect and process terabytes of real-time IPDR usage data and correlate it with subscriber profile and order information in the management of voice, data and multi-media services usage from the network and customer premises equipment (CPE).

AMP bridges the network services delivery infrastructure to the OSS/BSS while insulating the way services are delivered from the way they are charged or analyzed, Sigma said.

Along with Sigma's Service Management Portfolio – which comprises provisioning, activation and fulfillment solutions – AMP enables cable operators and telcos to measure the usage of broadband data, VoIP, TV, video-on-demand, pay-per-view, and prepaid and postpaid services.

And, according to Sigma, the Active Mediation Platform consolidates all mediation functions onto a single platform, leading to increased revenue control.

"Increasingly, service providers are finding they need to measure subscriber usage to better manage their networks, ensure accurate billing and roll out usage-based service models," said Rick Mallon, vice president of product management for Sigma Systems. "Our Active Mediation Platform gives service providers the ability to adhere to fair bandwidth usage policies, measure bandwidth usage and introduce new business models, such as advanced advertising."

For an advanced advertising solution, service providers can combine AMP with Sigma's Subscriber Information Service – an SCTE 130-compliant solution – for audience qualification.

AMP also enables tighter integration between mediation and service fulfillment, which allows for the:

  • Protection of the billing and charging infrastructure from changes in the network architecture
  • Setting of subscriber and service policy
  • Introduction of value-based charging for content by providing real-time (active) mediation between content platforms and BSS for advanced advice of charge, authentication and authorization of content services
  • Facilitation of prepaid and postpaid charging for any combination of services
  • Support of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for next-generation service delivery

Sigma will be giving a live demonstration of AMP at Management World 2009 – being held May 6-8 in Nice, France – at Booth #101. To request the Active Mediation Platform datasheet, click here.

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