Macrovision Solutions is proposing a name change, to Rovi, subject to shareholder approval.

“At Macrovision, we have transformed the company to be a leader in enabling the rapid adoption of digital entertainment. We have done this through a series of strategic acquisitions, divestitures and continued innovation of our product portfolio, and as a result, the company is dramatically different then it was just a year ago,” said Fred Amoroso, president and CEO of Macrovision.

“As Rovi, we will unite our technology and people under one shared identity that speaks to who we have become and how we will drive our strategy moving forward as a technology leader that powers the discovery and enjoyment of digital entertainment,” Amoroso added.

At The Cable Show ’09 in April, Macrovision launched its Passport tru2way solution and added multi-room DVR capabilities to its Passport Echo 3.5 and i-Guide A28 interactive program guides (story here). Macrovision also launched its Connected Platform solution with tru2way support to make it easier for consumer electronics manufacturers to deploy DLNA-, UPnP-, DTCP-IP- and tru2way-compliant networked set-tops and TVs for whole-home access to recorded digital media.

In September, Macrovision signed two agreements with CableLabs, which allowed the company to build products based on the tru2way spec and contribute to the support of the tru2way standard (story here).

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