Juniper Networks said it picked up two new customers of its MX Series Ethernet Services Routers. One is Korean business services provider Hyosung ITX, which is using the Juniper routers to bolster its content delivery network (CDN), and the other is Lightower Fiber Networks, a service provider in the northeast United States.

Hyosung ITX’s CDN enables the streaming of high-quality video, smooth downloads for online games and maintenance software, and the caching of other high-bandwidth content. The company operates six server farms and employs data mirroring techniques to route data via the fastest and most reliable path from server to user. 

Hyosung ITX installed Juniper’s MX960 and MX480 routers to increase network capacity and to improve the speed and efficiency of communications among its server farms, achieving optimal performance even under high-traffic conditions, the companies said.

Lightower, meanwhile, will use Juniper MX routers to extend the reach of its network and upgrade legacy infrastructure to IP/MPLS. Lightower said it expects the upgrade will provide transit times measurably faster than other approaches such as pure Layer 2, while also providing superior traffic management and resiliency.

“As we continue to expand, we needed a platform that could reliably support multiple service types on a single platform, while delivering superior performance, reliability and restoration times,” said Jason Campbell, senior vice president, Lightower Fiber Networks. “The MX Series enables us to monetize our network, reducing costs while at the same time enabling us to introduce new services quickly and cost-effectively.  Having a single network that combines the simplicity and consistency of JUNOS with the powerful MX Series performance provides us with a big advantage.”

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