Using policy management techniques to control bandwidth consumption can reduce operating costs by up to 20 percent in mobile broadband applications, according to research sponsored by policy control specialist Camiant.

Omnitele, an international telecommunications consultancy, found that controlling the bandwidth consumption of certain users solely during peak hours allows maximum usage of the network by all subscribers when capacity is available, while constraining the need for additional network capacity.

Omnitele gauged the cost savings of Camiant's Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)-based approach. The results indicated a reduction in core and radio-access network capacity-related capital and operating expenses that Omnitele deemed “substantial.”

"Mobile broadband is the single most promising growth engine in the entire telecommunications industry," said Randy Fuller, vice president of business development for Camiant. "However, it is critical for mobile operators to intelligently manage bandwidth consumption since the cost per bit to deliver traffic is so high relative to fixed broadband networks. The cost model shines a strong light on this fact, and Camiant is working with the mobile industry to pave a successful way forward.”

Camiant said details on mobile broadband congestion management are available in a free white paper, "Opportunity in the Air: Managing Congestion in Mobile Broadband." Register for the white paper here.

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