Continuing to push out the edge of QAM density, LiquidxStream Systems has expanded its universal edge QAM capacity to 36 QAMs per RF port.

That ups the company’s QAM capacity from 512 to 576 QAMs per chassis, which LiquidXstream claims is more than quadruple the density of competitive offerings. The advance is based on the company’s LiquidQAM digital technology.

Using the company’s LxS-3616 QAM, the company said, leads to s reduced hub wiring and cabling costs and complexities. With the high availability LxS-3616 platform, all digital services can be provided by one RF port per service group; no time consuming and complex rewiring accompanied by the typical customer interruptions.

Higher port density also means lower power consumption and lower upfront capital expenditures for head-end powering infrastructure.

“The LxS-3616 demonstrates our commitment to continually improve upon important industry metrics such as QAM density, power consumption and solution level economics,” said LiquidxStream president and CEO Francois Laflamme. “The economic advantages of higher port density are significant.”

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