Harmonic has released its ProView 7000 integrated receiver and stream processing platform, which the company said allows cable operators – as well as content providers, broadcasters and telcos – to cost-effectively deploy advanced distribution and contribution applications.

The platform combines a scalable video receiver, DVB descrambler, multi-format decoder and MPEG stream processor in a single rack unit.

The ProView 7000 is based on Scopus Video Networks’ integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) technology. In December, Harmonic announced that it would acquire Scopus for about $50 million (story here). The deal was completed in March.

The ProView 7000 allows for the following content reception applications:

  • Re-encoding apps: The ProView 7000 decodes all formats and standards, including MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) in both standard- and high-definition, giving operators of DBS and IPTV networks maximum flexibility in their choice of content compression formats.
  • Digital turnaround: Cable operators can reduce operating expenses by descrambling multiple programs within a single compact unit.
  • All-IP headends: The ProView 7000 can act as a receiver to descramble and transmit DVB-S2 satellite signals to Harmonic’s Flex decoder blade for encoding, and it enables the deployment of, or migration to, all-IP headend solutions. The entire video delivery infrastructure is managed and controlled using Harmonic’s NMX Digital Service Manager.

“By integrating transport stream descrambling, re-multiplexing, and the ability to decode all formats and standards, the ProView 7000 helps service providers implement a scalable infrastructure that simplifies their operations and cuts capital and operating costs,” said Yaniv Sibony, product marketing manager for Harmonic.

The ProView 7000 is making its debut at the NAB 2009 Show in Las Vegas next week at Harmonic’s booth (#SU7209).

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