Quebec-based Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering announced today the release of the ARU-100 HPNA Test Probe for the AXS-200/600 series.

Exfo said the new probe, which is based on the specifications of the Home Phone-Line Networking Alliance (HPNA), was specially designed for the characterization of HPNA deployments and triple-play services in FTTx environments.

While various wired and wireless technologies vie for deployments in consumers’ homes, HPNA’s advantage is that it uses the existing wiring in houses to deliver triple-play services.

The Exfo ARU-100 HPNA Test Probe aids service providers in installing and troubleshooting HPNA triple-play networks. Coupled with the AXS-200/600 series, the ARU-100 allows service providers to not only pre-qualify and troubleshoot the physical-layer aspects of the coaxial home network, but also to enable a full range of triple-play testing via the HPNA network.

Exfo said the AXS-200/600 series is the first product available that can address the need to perform triple-play quality of service (QoS) testing in the HPNA environment.

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