Clearfield announced the availability of its new outside plant passive optical network (PON) cabinet, which it claims has the highest density in the industry.

The FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center (FSC) 1152-Port Cabinet was designed for FTTx installations, and the fiber is protected in sub-units of 12 fibers. The FSC can provide up to 1,152 fibers in a 33 x 16 x 64 design.

Clearfield said jacketed cable storage is eliminated because the 900um tight buffers have shed the outer riser-rated jacket in favor of the cassette that protects it not only from human accidental damage, but also provides full bend radius protection throughout.

The FieldSmart FSC 1152-Port Cabinet accommodates all fiber management needs, plus all of the required slack storage for a 1,152 home-served “patch and splice” or “patch only” configuration in just 19.5 feet of cabinet space.

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