Zodiac Interactive will unveil its new Interactive Television Movie Guide at this week’s Cable Show in Washington, D.C.

Using Zodiac’s PowerUp tru2way framework, iTV Movie Guide demonstrates the use of movie data feeds from Macrovision Data Solutions to display detailed movie information that cross-references movies, cast members, genre and other features.

The guide offers navigation through movie descriptions, cast and credits, and actor information, and it will even show the user a list of similar movies. With ease-of-use in mind, Zodiac said ultimately everything ties back to the “main movie” screen, and the “exit” button always returns the user to a ful-screen television viewing experience and closes the application.

Zodiac iTV Movie Guide

Macrovision entertainment metadata is licensed throughout the industry and is a standard for identifying media products. By demonstrating Zodiac's iTV Movie Guide at The Cable Show, Macrovision and Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB), who will be displaying the guide on their tru2way set-top box, will be showing how applications function in the tru2way environment.

Time Warner Cable and other cable operators have focused on building their own tru2way guides as precursors to launching interactive, tru2way-enabled features.

PowerUp is Zodiac’s tru2way framework, a common platform of open APIs and libraries that allow for a broad range of applications to be developed and work together across multiple tru2way components, including authoring tools, stacks/middleware, set-tops, etc.

Zodiac said its PowerUp framework gives operators access to plug-and-play advanced Interactive Television 2.0 services, such as advanced guides, Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) applications and TV widgets, including local restaurant searching, click-to-call, games, photo-sharing, weather, traffic, sports scores, local news and more. 

“We're excited to be launching our Interactive Television 2.0 Movie Guide at The Cable Show this year," said Zodiac COO Alexander Libkind. “PowerUp is the middleware software, if you will, that ensures all tru2way applications look and act the same, regardless of the tru2way components the operators choose.”

The iTV Movie Guide will be demonstrated at the CableNet Pavilion, which is co-sponsored by CableLabs and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA).

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