PMC-Sierra has introduced silicon and systems for symmetric 10 Gbps Ethernet passive optical networks (EPON). The chips are being used in optical line terminals (OLTs) and optical network units (ONUs).

PMC-Sierra director of product marketing Gilad Aloni said the company believes this is the first symmetric implementation of 10 Gig EPON. The 10G IEEE 802.3av EPON standard is stable, he said, though ratification is scheduled for next September.

PMC-Sierra’s 10G EPON solutions include backward-compatible Service Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA), which enables configurable high-system performance in a multi-service environment for access, wireless backhaul and cable TV networks. The solutions are IEEE-standard compliant and interoperable, following carrier requirements.

The PAS8011 system for 10G OLTs and PAS9011 system for 10G ONUs, both FPGA-based, are available now.

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