Today, Motorola took the wraps off of a new server that was designed to support small- to medium-size streaming sites.

The new server is called the B-3 Video Server, and it complements Motorola’s B-1, which the company said was the world’s most widely deployed solid-state on-demand server.

When joined with the Motorola CPS1000 Content Propagation System, the Motorola on-demand platform addresses the rapid growth in on-demand usage and content libraries while optimizing operator storage, streaming and network resources, according to the company.

Motorola's B-3 Video Server

Motorola said the new server leverages industry-standard hardware to create a high-performance, highly scalable, fault-tolerant server that delivers premium support for video-on-demand (VOD), time-shifted TV, on-demand ad insertion, network DVR (nDVR) and other advanced services.

The server, which is available in the second quarter of this year, can scale from several hundred to more than 3,000 streams and can be configured as a standalone server with an integrated content library, or as an edge server deployed alongside a B-1.

“The new B-3 server expands Motorola’s on-demand hardware and software portfolio, organized around the Adaptive Media Management framework,” said Sean Welch, director of on-demand video for the Motorola Home and Networks Mobility business. “Adaptive Media Management enables our service provider customers to optimize their streaming, storage and network bandwidth resources, reducing operational and capital expenses, even as they face unprecedented growth in on-demand libraries and consumer demand for personalized media experiences.”

Motorola boosted its server lineup with its acquisition of Broadbus Technologies in 2006.

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