JDSU announced what it is billing as the industry's first monolithically integrated and tunable optical transceiver.

The JDSU XFP transceiver is 85 percent smaller than previous tunable products, allowing equipment manufacturers to pack more transceiver interfaces into a system or to deploy smaller systems within a network node. This in turn opens up valuable real estate for their service provider customers in network central offices.

In addition, JDSU said, the tunable XFP transceiver will be the first pluggable solution that service providers can deploy without fully populating line cards, so that technicians can easily provision more transceivers to the line card in the field as needed in a "pay-as-you-grow" fashion, without affecting network performance.

The dramatically smaller size of the tunable XFP transceiver will also reduce power dissipation by 60 percent.

JDSU began sampling the tunable XFP transceiver with customers in 2008 and expects to ship the product in volume by summer of 2009.

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