Ipitek’s Internet Media Transport division (IMTRAN) announced that it has deployed its latest version of Node Wizard Network Management Software for tier-1 MSOs.

The new software supports a growing business data Metropolitan Access Network (MAN) that utilizes Ipitek’s MSP Series of 1 Gigabit Ethernet (Gig-E) and 10 Gig-E carrier-centric switches. Ipitek said its new software provides a single, complete operational support system (OSS) platform to service providers, allowing them to take advantage of new low-cost, high-volume, carrier-grade Ethernet technology that is particularly useful for improved enterprise business service offerings.

Ipitek said its new software was created to provide MSOs a platform that automates the tasks of rapidly adding nodes, links, end-to-end service-level provisioning and testing capability. 

By including node-level layer-2 auto-discovery in its Ethernet devices and treating VLAN-based parameters as end-to-end, per-circuit service variables, Ipitek was able to automate complex tasks to support rapid circuit adds, moves and changes.

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