Ericsson has demonstrated the ability to bond six VDSL2 lines to achieve transmission rates exceeding 500 Mbps, opening up possibilities for carriers to stick with copper on the last mile and still be able to provide mobile backhaul, services for enterprise customers, and possibly even serve especially bandwidth-hungry residential customers.

Ericsson demonstrated a combination of line bonding and a technique called crosstalk cancellation, which sometimes referred to as vectorized VDSL2. Vectorized VDSL2, improves VDSL2 performance by reducing noise originating from the other copper pairs in the same cable bundle.

Vectoring technology also decouples the lines in a cable (from an interference point of view), substantially improving power management, which can reduce power consumption, Ericsson explained.

The company did not specify the distances the signals traveled (DSL transmission rates have a direct relationship to distance).

Standards for VDSL2 and line bonding are available today, while the standardization of Vectoring is ongoing and is expected by the end of 2009.

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