Cablevision is set to announce a targeted advertising campaign based on the demographics of its subscribers.

Starting with 500,000 homes in Brooklyn, the Bronx and some areas of New Jersey, Cablevision will direct ads to specific households based on data about income, ethnicity, gender, or whether subscribers have children or pets, according to The New York Times.

Targeted, or addressable, ads will give advertisers and ad agencies the opportunity to send the products and information directly to households that are interested in them. Cablevision will use data collection company Experian to assist it in targeting specific households.

Cablevision is also working with Visible World on the targeted ad campaign.

The New York Times said that Cablevision has tested its targeting system in about 100,000 Brooklyn homes over the past year and a half. Cablevision, the nation’s fifth-largest cable operator, plans to have targeted ads in the 500,000 homes by this summer.

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