Trilithic’s Network Services division is now providing hosted services for the Leakage Analysis Workshop (LAW), the proprietary software application developed for the Seeker GPS Integrated Leakage System.

LAW provides sophisticated database management, GPS tracking, map operations, work order generation and the many other functions needed for keeping leakage outbreaks under control.

Until now, when an operator equipped his vehicles with the Seeker GPS system, he either purchased an integrated LAW server from Trilithic or set up and maintained the server on his own resources. Hosted LAW provides a new option.

Trilithic’s Hosted Solution makes it unnecessary for the operator to purchase or set up its own LAW server. All leakage management processes, including data refinement, record keeping and communications, can be provided by a server facility managed by Trilithic Network Services.

"Particularly in today's economy, we feel it's important to offer all of our customers access to the newest and most efficient technology – technology that helps them work smarter and more cost-efficiently,” said Terry Bush, Trilithic president and co-founder. "By providing a hosted solution, we can now serve those customers in need of lowered capital investments and pay-as-you-go pricing."

LAW works in conjunction with both Trilithic's leakage detectors, the Seeker and Seeker BB-2, placed in cable fleet vehicles to detect signal leaks. Flexible communications allow data from the vehicle fleet to be uploaded to the operator’s LAW server or to the Hosted Service via Internet or Wi-Fi. It's then analyzed using quadrangulation technology.

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