Shaw Communications indicated it will in fact roll out 100 Mbps broadband across its footprint, and said it expects to hire several hundred additional employees to handle the expansion of services.

Shaw formally announced having introduced 100 Mbps service in Saskatoon, which was confirmed by CED two weeks ago (story here). The new 100 Mbps High-Speed Nitro tier is priced at $250 per month.

The company said it will continue to deploy DOCSIS 3.0 technology in all Shaw communities over the coming months. The company did not specify which markets might be next on the upgrade schedule.

Even as the company rolls out DOCSIS 3.0, the company is deploying PowerBoost technology and making it available to all customers. The capability was developed by Comcast, which has trademarked the PowerBoost name.

Shaw High Speed, currently 5 Mbps, will be bumped to 7.5 Mbps with PowerBoost, a feature that provides a 5- to 20-second burst of speed that makes downloading faster – provided the network capacity is available. High-Speed Xtreme-I, currently offered at 10 Mbps, will be upgraded to 15 Mbps with PowerBoost.

Shaw Communications President Peter Bissonnette said: “While many companies are announcing layoffs and cutbacks, we continue to listen to our customers by enhancing their experience and providing more value. Our customers tell us that they want cutting-edge products supported by exceptional service. They want to speak to a real person from their own community who cares about their needs."

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