Knology Inc. said that it is in the middle of a nine-city, five-state iPlex launch tour – in its southeastern U.S. markets – to give businesses a “competitive advantage.”

iPlex is Knology’s newest communications service that delivers unlimited phone and data capacity, and that reduces the total cost of ownership while improving technical efficiency.

iPlex uses fiber optic capacity to deliver voice and data services to small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs). And according to Knology, it is the only managed, fiber-based solution that utilizes an IP-PBX system through one single Ethernet connection.

“These Knology markets will be among the first in secondary and tertiary markets to have iPlex technology available for their business customers,” said Ron Johnson, vice president of business sales for Knology. “Small- and medium-size businesses have told us they need a flexible, manageable and cost-effective telecommunications solution that gives them complete control over their business communications. iPlex delivers on those needs, and we believe this proven technology positions Knology for continued success in growing our small- and medium-size business revenues.”

Other benefits of the iPlex service include:

  • Ability to quickly and easily integrate a network through a fiber connection.
  • Relief of T-1 capacity issues – the iPlex fiber connection has boundless “trunks,” or communications paths, that provide clarity and capacity.
  • Direct Inward Dial (person-to-person within a company) through a single connection.
  • Users can add or remove voice capacity as needed. For example, a company hiring temporary call center staff for seasonal needs can quickly increase capacity and then reduce it afterwards.
  • Customers pay only for the capacity used.
  • Knology owns, manages, protects and keeps its network running 24/7/365, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • iPlex is part of Knology’s “Plexus” suite of communications services, allowing customers the flexibility to grow with one provider.

Knology, headquartered in West Point, Ga., offers cable TV, local and long-distance digital telephone, and high-speed Internet services in the Southeast and Upper Midwest. Knology’s fiber-based business products include passive optical network (PON), which supplies IP architecture with segmented voice and data bandwidth, and Managed Integrated Network Solutions (MATRIX), an integrated, IP-based technology that converges data and voice.

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