JDSU released additions to its WaveReady product line of scalable optical transport solutions designed for access and metro optical networks.

Added to the portfolio are a 10 Gbps tunable transponder with forward error correction (FEC), a power balancing system and a 40-channel universal multiplexer/de-multiplexer.

The WaveReady system is designed to be a compact solution for tunable optical networks, providing automated optical gain equalization that ensures maximum network availability and reduces the need for costly maintenance.

Additions include:

  • The WRT-852, a compact C-Band or L-Band tunable transponder with FEC, supporting OTN, SONET/SDH, Ethernet and Fibre Channel.
  • The WRS-05AD1C00B, providing per-channel power balancing capabilities for tunable, amplified networks.
  • The 40-channel Universal Multiplexer, featuring high-isolation and low-insertion loss in a compact platform compatible with point-to-point or OADM deployments.

“The demand for multichannel and reconfigurable 10 GigE transport is growing extremely fast due to the widespread deployment of broadband and the emergence of new bandwidth-intensive business and network applications,” said Michael McCallen, JDSU’s director of the WaveReady product line.

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