With the goal of launching its own cellular network this year, Cox Communications today announced several additions to its wireless executive team.

Cox has hired Raj Beri as vice president of wireless product operations and Dane Dickie as executive director of wireless product development. Both of the new hires were announced today by Stephen Bye, vice president of wireless.

Cox said Dickie will be responsible for directing and managing the development of devices and services within Cox’s wireless business unit. In collaboration with the strategy, product development, network engineering, information technology and network operations teams, he will coordinate and manage the implementation of wireless devices and products available through Cox’s upcoming wireless service.

Additionally, Dickie will oversee the innovation and growth of the wireless product portfolio and manage various industry relationships and alliances.

Prior to joining Cox, Dickie served as senior director of product development and general manager of carrier operations at Hughes Telematics. Previously, he served in several positions at AT&T (formerly BellSouth) and BellSouth International, including as director of product development, where he was responsible for the profitability and growth of a collection of wireless, broadband and software products.

Beri will be responsible for the long-term operational processes for Cox’s upcoming wireless product (story here), including the overall direction, management and coordination of the launch and deployment of Cox’s wireless products and services.

He will oversee product architecture, development and support processes. He will also manage relationships and alliances with industry partners, key industry organizations and suppliers.

Prior to joining Cox, Beri served as head of North American services for Nokia Siemens Networks. Previously, he served as vice president of the Northeast region for AT&T Wireless and spent 10 years in various positions at AT&T Wireless.

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