Aurora Networks has introduced the AT3520G, an analog dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) narrowcast transmitter that can provide the narrowcast channels cable operators need to support high-speed Internet, video-on-demand (VOD) and telephony services.

By increasing the number of narrowcast channels carried on one transmitter, the AT3520G expands narrowband services without the need for additional transmitters at headends and hubs, where space is constrained, the company said.

The transmitter integrates additional narrowcast channels into existing hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) and Fiber Deep architectures, enabling operators to expand narrowcast channel capacity – the operator just replaces the existing AT3510G narrowcast transmitters to access 50 percent more narrowcast channel bandwidth.

The AT3520G is a module for the CH3000 platform and is supported by a range of passive components, along with Aurora’s Light-Plex module, which acts as a narrowcast demultiplexer and a broadcast/narrowcast combiner.

Cable operators can install up to 14 transmitters per 3RU chassis, taking up less space and allowing for additional modules to enhance deployment of traditional HFC, Fiber Deep and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks, according to Aurora.

“The AT3520G gives MSOs the ability to immediately widen their service offerings, like VOD and high-speed data, without incurring major infrastructure costs,” said John Dahlquist, vice president of marketing at Aurora. “Aurora Networks is committed to helping the cable industry drive a deeper set of capabilities to the home, while maintaining an approach with a clear cost advantage over the competition.”

Dahlquist recently told CED that Aurora has had 11 consecutive quarters of profitability and 56 percent revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the last six years, and he touted the company’s Fiber Deep architecture and digital return technology, which address specific issues in the cable industry – the only market that Aurora serves.

In late January, Aurora relocated to new facilities, increasing its capacity by more than 100 percent (story here). The move is a nice anniversary present for the company, which celebrates a decade in business this year.

Earlier this month, Aurora’s OP4528 Light-Plex product became available, and it boasts remote power-level management for field deployment in Aurora’s VH4000 Virtual Hub (VHub) and NC4000 node platform (story here).

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