Level 3 Communications lost its patent infringement suit against content delivery network (CDN) Limelight Networks.

The several Level 3 patents the company charged Limelight with infringing all pertain to some basic network mechanics – how to handle requests for content, for example – and how to route the content. The suit was filed in 2007. In the ensuing two years, the case came down to only two specific patents. 

It was not a complete loss for Level 3, however. Limelight sought a judgment that the patents were not valid. The jury decided that the patents in question were indeed valid but that Limelight was not infringing.

The case might not be dead yet. Grant van Rooyen, president of Level 3's Content Markets Group, said: “We are considering our options regarding post-trial motions and an appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Level 3 continues to take intellectual property seriously as the best protection for innovation, and we will continue to protect our investments in human ingenuity, time and capital on behalf of our stockholders.”

Limelight is still fending off a patent infringement lawsuit from rival CDN Akamai Technologies.

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