Velocix today announced a new video delivery system that it said corrects “fault lines” that exist within the current Internet economy.

The company’s Velocix Metro was designed to improve quality of service (QoS) while also cutting down the cost of delivering video content over the Internet.

Velocix Metro is a new deployment alternative for the Velocix Digital Asset Delivery Network, adapted and optimized specifically for operation within an ISP network domain. VelocixMetro ISP deployments deliver video from Velocix Metro nodes installed and operated from within ISP networks, close to the consumer.

Velocix said this reduces the ISP's network cost burden, removing pressure to manage down its network overheads. ISPs also able to provide smooth passage to their subscribers with improved quality video streams and downloads delivered.

Velocix Metro enabled ISPs receive a revenue share based on traffic delivered via their networks from Velocix. They also gain access to their own low cost Content Delivery Network capabilities, enabling the launch of new media services to their subscriber bases.

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